Pricing Information

Rockin’ Doodle Ranch Puppies are Priceless!

Priceless?  Yes!  Our own experience with having Labradoodles as members of the family has proven to include this emotion of “priceless”.  We, along with countless others have determined these wonderful doodles to be irreplaceable members of our families and thus, they become priceless!

Australian Labradoodles have so many wonderful qualities.  They are particularly intelligent in addition to their unique look, beauty and confirmation.  The breed is becoming more know in the service dog category.  They are agile and likewise are a fun and successful “event dog” as well.  But most notably, they are known for their temperament and companionship qualities.

As you consider the price of an Australian Labradoodle, please refer to our Website Guarantee.  Therein, you will see that you are purchasing a package of services and guarantees along with the Labradoodle itself.  Much has happened before your puppy was born to ensure its health and success.  Your puppy is prepared, in every way possible by 8 weeks of age to become a priceless addition to your family.

Payment Schedule & Total Cost

The following fees are for the selective breeding and quality care of your Rockin’ Doodle Ranch Labradoodle puppy. Total price $2800.  We Accept personal checks.


PAYMENT 1 – Deposit at the time of reservation: $500

PAYMENT 2 – Additional payment when puppy selection by has been made: $1,000  

PAYMENT 3 – Remaining balance due at the time of delivery: $1,300


TOTAL PRICE – Instead of payments, pay in full now for your puppy: $2,800