Meet Our Gals

Rockin’ Sassy Taffy

Rockin’ Sassy Taffy is a happy, fun loving girl. She loves children and going hiking.  She is a great mommy and is so playful with her puppies.   Click “READ MORE” for more photos of this little personality parti package!

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Calypso Breeze Rockin Cola

Picture Perfect It was a beautiful day in Atlanta Georgia.  We were visiting there with family at the famous Coca-Cola Museum.  The tour guide led our group into the next theater and spoke loudly “Coca…..” and the group instinctively yelled back, “Cola!”  She did it again and we responded again,  “Cola!” Then we turned to each other and smiling  we said, “Yes, the perfect name for her is Cola!”   We were to pick her up the next day, and although we had several great names in mind for her, the winning name was without a doubt: Cola. We at […]

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Gorgeousdoodles Sunshine Violet “Sunny”

A Treasure Sunny is a gorgeous apricot color with caramel highlights on her forehead and shoulders. Her enthusiasm for life is like popping the cap off a freshly shaken soda. She loves life and lives it to the fullest every day. She loves people and other furry creatures. Sunny thrives on being the center of attention. As a puppy, she would chase her tail to the left and after catching it for a bit, would turn and do the same to the right – making sure to give equal time to turning in each direction! She loves to grab her […]

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RiverMist Sage

Glamourous Lady Sage has the eye-catching sparkle that causes everyone to take a second look. She is a beautiful cream color and has a splash of apricot on her ears. While she may be bashful to those that she has just met, she is beyond being a lover to those she already knows. She is very loyal, graceful, smart, and kind. She is extremely agile. In the car for a Sunday drive, she is the standing navigation monitor watching every direction taken. In the yard, she can gracefully run a step ahead of any other four-legged creature. But in the […]

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