Picture Perfect

It was a beautiful day in Atlanta Georgia.  We were visiting there with family at the famous Coca-Cola Museum.  The tour guide led our group into the next theater and spoke loudly “Coca…..” and the group instinctively yelled back, “Cola!”  She did it again and we responded again,  “Cola!” Then we turned to each other and smiling  we said, “Yes, the perfect name for her is Cola!”   We were to pick her up the next day, and although we had several great names in mind for her, the winning name was without a doubt: Cola.

We at Rockin’ Doodle Ranch are so excited and grateful to have purchased Cola from Calypso Breeze in Tennessee.  Cola is a beautiful apricot color with a touch of cream on her chest, just like her distinguished daddy, Casanova!  Her confirmation speaks volumes to the fact that she is a picture-perfect Australian Labradoodle.  Her facial features are defined and eloquent.

But equally impressive is her intelligence and personality.  Yes, you would expect her to have the mild temperament of the breed, and she does indeed have that quality.  However, in addition, she is a playful game-master, slightly independent to the point of self-entertaining and a great, loving companion to dog-mates and humans alike.  She is just flat-out fun to be around!

Of course, Cola lives with us here at the Ranch.  She has a special bond with Sunny and they can play and pester each other for hours.  But to them, in “dog hours”, they can never have enough time together.

We are in love with this Cola girl!  She is sweet and loving and fun.  We look forward to many meaningful years with her.  And, we are very excited to experience her puppies in the future, too.  They are destined to be awesome because she is a champ!

ALCA #: Pending